National Information & Learning Technology Alliance

At the National Information & Learning Technology Alliance it is our aim to help you increase not only your confidence around computers, but ultimately we are here to help you learn and gain further knowledge that can be used in the work place, whether you’re already in employment or looking for that job to suit you.

Through our site you will find out how to access a large selection of dynamic and thorough courses which are not only educational but stimulating and challenging. We will show you how it is possible to learn without ever having to leave your home with the ability to access education tools from your computer.

It’s as simple as one, two, three!

Accessing information and educational courses from the internet and computers is straight forward and simple, and throughout our website we will showcase the opportunities that are available through computer based learning.

Directly from our site we will endeavour to explain the choices that are available to you and how to gain access to the vast selection of courses that are on offer. Although the idea of learning from computers may at first seem daunting we will show you how a step by step approach can open up countless opportunities in terms of learning and understanding.

Open up a new world of opportunity

In today’s technology driven world computer based education is informative, effective, easy to set up and also a low cost alternative to other forms of learning. You can learn about a multitude of things on the internet, some you may not want to be quite so knowledgeable about like vasectomy reversal and other sources like news sites that are much more to your taste. Even if you are a relative novice to the world of computers making the choice to learn through information technology is a step in the right direction for increasing your computer skills and ultimately your knowledge.