Computers & the elderly

It’s Now or Never…

When faced with a lyric such as Presley’s “It’s Now or Never” it’s easy to relate to his spontaneity as it is often best to ‘grab’ an opportunity when it comes your way, because it might not wait around long enough for you to make up your mind. But what if that opportunity did wait for you? What if I was to tell you that it’s never too late?

It is easy to assume that technology such as the internet is primarily designed for the younger generation but, as far as online education for the elderly is concerned the possibilities are endless.

What’s in it For Me?

For elderly people, online education offers ample benefits:

  • Elderly people can attend classes through the internet therefore; do not need to disclose their identity.
  • Since the elderly are privileged members of society they can easily avail scholarships, grants and loans to cover any costs for tuition fees, books and other facilities.
  • The ability to study from home is beneficial as the older generation are comfortable and familiar with their surroundings, gaining adequate rest where necessary.
  • Each online/ home learning course will provide extra materials such as computer software and DVD’s.

Especially For You

As well as standard online learning services (such as; ICS – International Correspondence Schools and Learndirect) which offer qualifications including: GCSE, A Level, BTEC and Degrees etc. There are learning services which are specifically aimed at the elderly (for example, ‘It’s Never 2 Late’ – with the main intention of encouraging senior citizens to interact with family, friends, the internet and customised programs. Promising to “provide a whole new level of person –centred care”

Perhaps you never got the chance to finish your secondary education? With over 150 learning courses available from mainstream online learning institutions it may only be you and not your age holding you back!