Online Courses

This is the modern world…

The modern world: A time for mobile phone’s with the probable ability to walk your dog for you (assuming you acquired the correct ‘app’ to do so of course). We are lead to believe that this is a time for downloading, not purchasing; a time for machines, not people?

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Technology may seem somewhat surreal to the untrained eye, but why should something designed to make your everyday life that bit simpler remain so alien?

The internet offers a whole new world of opportunities to anyone who strives to improve their ICT skills. From something as simple as following a step – by – step guide. To something as advanced as completing an online course and becoming a Microsoft Engineer!

How Can The Internet Help Me?

  • With the internet, improving your ICT skills need not be costly or time-consuming as the majority of information available to the consumer is government funded (simply because being computer literate is almost a necessity in most career paths of today).
  • Information is given to you on a need-to-know basis so you only learn what you want to know (even if it’s simply how to use and Excel Spreadsheet to help you at work)
  • You can choose whether to follow a free guide (provided by the government/ BBC etc.) or whether to sign up to a course where you will attend designated classes to structure your learning (through websites such as,

Developing computer or information technology (IT) skills can help you access a range of resources and services, such as online banking or shopping. If you feel like your lack of understanding of technology is holding you back, then it’s time to embrace what’s on offer to you. The internet can be your friend if you only let it!