Adult Education


Education is not just English and maths skills. There are many vocational courses available online, giving you the skills, experience and qualifications that lead to endless possibilities of jobs, from floristry to flight attendance. These courses help in the educational and practical side of work, and many include topics on what to do after your qualification and how best to enter the job market in the field you want.

It’s not too late

Of course, adult education is not limited to being outside the classroom either. GCSEs and A-levels are often considered essential by employers, and it’s never too late to expand your knowledge. There are courses to interest everyone, whether you want something for personal benefit, such as a modern foreign language for your next holiday, or to give yourself a better grounding of your work place, such as IT qualifications that can help on many levels.

Change of career

For people wanting a complete career change, but do not know how to go about it, there are also many degree level courses available online to help you get what you need to finally get out of the office and into the job you’ve dreamed of, including courses in Law and Business, or something completely different such as Psychology or even Educational Studies.

So what are you waiting for? Get searching and you can find the ideal course suited to you.