Importance of Learning and Technology

Entertainment is an umbrella term that encompasses all kinds of different activities and utilises various different platforms. From watching a comedy on television and viewing video clips online to visiting the theatre and busting your lungs singing along to classic musicals or jumping up and down in the crowd at a gig, there are lots of different ways to appreciate and interpret entertainment.

In the modern world, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment and perhaps there is a little too much choice, with studies showing that many of us divide out time between different media platforms, often browsing online or watching clips friends have sent us at the same time as watching a film or catching up with our favourite soaps.

Learning through entertainment

Entertainment is defined as anything that holds the attention of the audience or individual, meaning that every single one of us can have our own subjective view about what constitutes entertainment. Entertainment has always played an educational role, but advances in technology have perhaps shaped the way we learn through entertainment.

In the past, people learned and expanded their knowledge base through watching plays and sketches, reading and listening to tales and tragedies told by older generations. Today, entertainment informs and educates us in many different ways, from online resources, books and magazines, to films, documentaries and theatre productions. Even though many of us devote a lot of time to researching our interests and following the latest news online, you can still learn a lot from more traditional forms of entertainment, for example watching a play.

Children’s entertainment is a particularly exciting arena, as it is developing rapidly and is accessible through many different forms of media. Children today are well-equipped to deal with advances in technology and rely on computers and tablets as well as traditional learning techniques, such as reading and doing exercises in text books, to learn and develop. Children now have specific television channels and a host of programmes that aim to both entertain and educate them, as well as dedicated online content, live theatre shows and activities aimed at school groups.

Technology and entertainment

Entertainment in any form aims to captivate you, make you laugh, make you cry and trigger all sorts of other emotions. Today’s entertainment may be different to that of old, but the aim remains the same. Technology plays a very important role in shaping the production of entertainment content and determining the form in which it is presented. It has also helped to make entertainment more accessible to the masses. Now, we have a choice of hundreds of channels at our fingertips, we can travel to watch a play very easily and quickly and we can make use of on demand services, which cater for our preferences 24 hours a day.

Technology is advancing on a continual basis and every year there are new gadgets and gizmos designed to enhance the experience of the spectator and create accessible, enjoyable content, which is consistently improving in terms of quality and presentation. Whether you’re watching a film and are dazzled by CGI or captivated by the special effects on show in the audience of an old school theatre, it’s impossible to deny the impact of technology on modern entertainment.