Simple tips for new computer users


There is a wide range of computer technology available to consumers and there is always potential for people new to computers to feel intimidated or confused before they have even begun using a computer. The choices include:

  • PC’s (Personal Computers) Often used as family computers, they are the kind of computers commonly used in offices, schools and universities.
  • Laptops. These are smaller, more portable and are particularly handy in terms of being able to use wireless Internet connections when on the move.

Computers can be bought from various specialist outlets or major chain stores such as Tesco or Comet. For people new to computer use it is always helpful to ask questions before you commit to buying because it is always possible to choose a computer that fits into your particular needs or desires.

The Internet

The Internet is a great source of information that gives people a sense of freedom in the way that they learn and communicate with other people. However because it is a large unregulated network, users must always be aware of the fact that information that is found on the Internet is not always reliable or trustworthy.

Internet tips

  • A lot of the information found on the Internet is user-generated, meaning that it is not always factually correct and therefore is not completely reliable or true. It is important to be aware of this.
  • An example of such a website would be Wikipedia, where users can contribute to articles as they wish. Always check more than one source of information and try to use sources that you know are reliable such as the BBC.
  • Be careful with your personal details when using the Internet, as fraudsters commonly try to obtain identity and bank details over the Internet.
  • Care should also be taken with personal details when using social networking sites such as Facebook.