What we can do for you

The National Information and Learning Technology Alliance website provides its users with a range of information on education through computer use. As well as offering basic advice for people new to computers, the website also offers information on educational courses that people can take through their computers. The website aims to provide a broad service that will give people greater confidence in their ability to use the many resources that computers and the Internet provide. So, whether you are hoping to find out something about a dentist or are hoping to buy a new handbag we can help you.

Revolution in technology

Arguably the first decade of the 21st century has been defined by a revolution in information technology, driven by the growth of the Internet and the increasingly central role it plays in our day to day lives. From Internet banking and streaming news services to social networking sites, the Internet has made aspects of our lives more convenient, connecting people across the world and providing us with a great wealth of educational resources.

Ease of access

With a single click of a mouse it is possible to find information on almost any subject imaginable, and this ability to find and share information with such ease is one of the defining aspects of modern times. Perhaps the inclusion of the word ‘Google’ in the English dictionary shows just how much the Internet has become part of our lives over the past 10 years. A generation of young people have grown up with computers and the Internet and they are completely literate in the language of computer technology, to an extent that has not been seen in previous generations.

In an increasingly technologically literate society, a service like the National Information & Learning Technology Alliance is extremely important in terms of allowing people to experience the educational benefits that computer technology can provide.